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Own A Business

Work from home!

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All the Money comes to you.

Your job is to be there to collect the money when it comes in the mail.  Plus, you get paid when your customer orders from this website!


NO selling or phone calls!

Simply place your advertising order forms on store counters, in restaurants, laundromats, gas stations, supermarkets, daycare centers, auto parts stores, airports, bus terminals - anywhere there is people traffic. If you mail advertising already - that's even a bonus, simply insert your Safe-T-Tag order form.


We want you to be happy. You get paid first!

The orders with money come to you. You keep most of the money and forward the order to us with a small order processing fee. We do all the paperwork for you! We fill your orders and pay the shipping!  Plus, if your customer orders again you make money!


You don't deal with anything but receiving money!

 Become a Safe-T-Tag dealer. Your business kit is complete.You can start the same day you receive it.  This is your own business and you don't have to buy another thing from us - ever!


Safe-T-Tag is NATIONWIDE and in 14 countries.

Safe-T-Tag is a lifetime I.D. service which provides SAFE toll free PRIVATE return of your customer's keys or other protected valuable. (Their name, address or phone# are not on the I.D.tag). Their privacy is guaranteed.

 NO risk - 30 day Iron Clad Guarantee - for you:      Examine your Safe-T-Tag business kit for a whole month. If you don't think this business is for you, return everything and we will refund your money.

Become a Safe-T-TagTM Dealer,
order your Safe-T-TagTM Dealer kit today.
Send $10.00 (includes S&H)to:
Safe-T-Tag-W1,Box 115, Waymart, Pa. 18472-0115 
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Pay securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Your name and address will appear on your advertising as it does on your order.
*** Income based on ad response and your efforts.
There are NO limits to income levels.
This is your own business.
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TM Safe-T-Tag. All rights reserved.

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