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1) Understanding and dealing with everyday stress: Tips to help ease the pain of everyday living and dealing with common problems. Tips that can decrease stress levels, so you can enjoy life and your business more!


2) How to Save Big Bucks on your Mailing Costs: Common sense on dealing with the postal service.  A must for anyone serious about mail order.


3) How to get FREE Publicity for your Products and Services:  Valuable information that will pay for itself many times over!


4) Understanding and Improving Your Credit rating: All the insider dope on how the banks, loan companies and credit bureaus use a secret "Credit Scoring System" to determine if you'll get credit or a refusal letter.  Invaluable tips on how to easily improve your rating and get the credit you rightfully deserve!.


5) Is stuffing envelopes really a clever money making system or just another swindlers scheme?:  Find out what's really behind the headlines that promises you can easily earn hundreds of dollars - before you send away for any offer.!.


6) The truth about chain letters, money games and title 18:   Learn the whole truth   Includes the text from the U.S.P.S. TITLE 18 about mail fraud.....


7) Everything you need to know about renting and selling mail lists:   Don't lick another stamp until you read this!


8) SBA financing:  Where to get help and improve your odds of getting approved.


9) How to make money selling recipes:  Find out what really works!


10) Swiss bank account:  All the information you need to obtain a Swiss Bank account.


11) Surviving an I.R.S. TAX audit:   Learn How to prepare for an audit.  Not to be intimidated.  How to pick an accountant.   What to do.......


12) How to become a successful drop shipper:    How it works.   How to find suppliers and more.

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13) Writing classified ads that grab the reader's attention:  What you need to know to make your classified ads stand out from the crowd and produce good results, with minimum ad space and minimum cash outlay.


14) Avoiding Advertising Mistakes that waste money and decrease your response rate:   How to do research and where to advertise.  Dozens of proven result getting tips on everything from writing ads that get noticed, to powerful order pulling sales letters.  A must for anyone who advertises!.


15) Age old and New Age folk remedies that REALLY work! :   .Relieve a hangover and the common cold.Help motion sickenss, diarrhea, dandruff and constipation..

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16) How to judge the truthfulness of Mail Order offers: .Don't get taken in by a scam master or a rip-off artist.  Nearly 2 dozen ways to spot the phonies.  Plus the full text of  "Title 18" on mail order fraud.


17) The whole truth about Grants, Loans, Free Credit Cards and CREDIT REPAIR offers:  Don't be fooled into paying for a credit card! This report will tell you how to get FREE credit cards from a bank and what you can do about repairing your credit.

18) Print and Mail Facts no Dealer will tell You:   Find Out!!!!


19) Insiders Secrets to selling Books and reports by mail:   One of best ways to succes in mail order.....find out!

20) The Do's and Don'ts of selecting a Company Name:  Pick the right name for success.  How to register and protect that name.

21) Make whatever you print look sharp:  Get noticed and get read.... Proven methods!


22) What you need to know before you tell you boss goodbye:  A realistic look at what it takes to go on your own.


23) How to write a winning Business Plan, that gets results:   Don't waste $25.00 or more on a book loaded with filler, when you can learn all the basic steps in this easily understood and detailed report.


24) How to write your own profitable Business Reports that put cash in your mailbox every day:    Step-by-step information on how you too can clean up in the information selling business, by writing your own material!.


SAVESEND a $30 money order or *cash for all 24 reports to: Bob Bachman, P.O. Box 243, Olyphant, PA 18447.

Individual reports: send a $3 money order or cash for each report to: Bob Bachman, P.O. Box 243, Olyphant, PA 18447.

*NOTE: (we are not responsible if the cash* is stolen.


Stay home - Make Money !!!!!
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